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Music for the rest of the year…

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I have had a lot of ambitious projects that never came through. But I actually have the material and beats on deck now and all i need is some time to compose baby. On the agenda for the rest of the year..

  1. The Communist Danifesto
  2. Manga Carta
  3. Anchors and Pie
  4. The Fame Monkey

The Communist Danifesto will have the following songs *(samples)

  1. ArchAngles(dirty money)
  2. Simon Can’t Speak (pharoe monch)
  3. Spawn of Satan (Big L)
  4. Gas Chamber(Gza)
  5. The Sky is Limitless (Biggy)
  6. No Reruns (Snoop and Dre)

Manga Carta is a tape of all anime and video game themedĀ songs

  1. Fuck Ryu (Ken Theme)
  2. Ultimatum (Ronin Warriors)
  3. High School Musical (School Rumble)
  4. Tom Cruise (After Burner)
  5. I See Dead People (Bleach)
  6. Freeza Burn (Dragon Ball Z)
  7. High Rule (Zelda)
  8. TOASTIE! (Mortal Kombat)
  9. Sonic Boom (Street Fighter)
  10. Rare Candy (Pokemon)

Anchors and Pie is all about the lovey dovey.

  1. Unpredictable (Green Day)
  2. To The Moon and Back (Sailor Moon)
  3. Clos(Her) (Kings of Leon)
  4. All of the Above (Where the Wild Things Are)
  5. Wasted Lullabies (Flogging Molly)

The Fame Monkey is all GAGA inspired songs. This is my opus ^_^

  1. Best Dressed (Fashion)
  2. Just(in) Credible (Just Dance)
  3. Full Tilt (Pokerface)
  4. Disgusting Romantism (Bad Romance)
  5. PapaNazi (Paparizzi)
  6. Ahh! Real Monsters (Monster)
  7. Call Me Danny SEA (Alejandro)

I hope my music is a breath of fresh are from the frog thats tainting the waves. It’s gonna be a busy couple months……..Muncie Girls – Danny C and Krayzie J

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